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Treatment in Germany — преимущества, клиники и цены

Подробное руководство для всех, кто собирается на диагностику и лечение в Германии в 2020 году.

Автор — Dr. Vladislav Green

Лучшие клиники для лечения в Германии

Узнайте какая клиника в Германии имеет максимальную специализацию по вашему направлению медицины. Лечение в профильных клиниках гарантирует высокую эффективность.
Университетская клиника Геттингена
Университетская клиника Кельна
Университетская клиника Бонна
Радиационная онкология
Университетская клиника Гамбург-Эппендорф
Университетская клиника Майнца
Университетская клиника Эссена
Университетская клиника Гамбург-Эппендорф
Сосудистая и торакальная хирургия
Университетская клиника Дрездена
Университетская клиника Гамбург-Эппендорф
Университетская клиника Дюссельдорф
Рак предстательной железы — Университетская клиника Кельна
Рак предстательной железы — Университетская клиника Гаале (Заале)
Университетская клиника LMU Мюнхен
Университетская клиника Фрайбург
Университетская клиника Шарите Берлин
Университетская клиника Дрездена
Университетская клиника Ульма
Университетская клиника LMU Мюнхен
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Клиника на видео — Rhön-Klinikum, штаб-квартира в Бад-Нойштадте-на-Заале, Германия
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Germany is consistently among the top 5 countries in the world in the rating of treatment quality. It has the largest number of clinics per thousand population and Germany's clinics are considered the best in the world.

You will be amazed at the difference in healthcare in your country and in Germany. Multidisciplinary and holistic approaches, as well as modern technology, contribute to higher success rates and lower risks during treatment and rehabilitation after surgery.

Treatment in Germany implies a solid scientific base, well-equipped clinics, highly qualified doctors, friendly medical staff, and, most importantly, enough time and attention for you and your medical problems. Treatment according to strict medical standards simplifies the healing process and helps you achieve the best therapeutic results in the most cost-effective way.

Виды лечения в клиниках Германии
и количество пациентов

Although there are no precise statistics on the number of people who visit Germany for medical / surgical treatment, estimates range from 150,000 to 350.00 per year. Experts are confident that the number of medical tourists is growing.
Many other states offer a wide range of therapeutic and surgical procedures for the medical tourist. But in many places the number of specialties is narrower than one would expect in Germany. For example, there are countries that can specialize in cosmetic or cardiac surgery, joint surgery, and dentistry. Germany can offer excellent care in all of these specialties and has an excellent reputation in other areas as well.
People go to Germany to receive treatment that is in the top 5 in the world in any area of ​​medicine.
The main specializations in which patients travel to Germany for treatment include (but are not limited to):

Cancer treatment for men and women

Три фактора в пользу лечения в Германии

Высокий уровень профессионализма и квалификации врачей в Германии

In the Federal Republic of Germany, future medical professionals face a difficult struggle for university admission, 6 years of diligent academic study and 6 more years of practical training. Only then will they be able to work as doctors in the German health care system.

Клиническое оборудование и передовые технологии лечения в Германии

Medical technologies in German clinics allow for accurate diagnostics and effective therapy for healthcare, especially in the field of innovative modern medicine and oncology. In order to continuously improve diagnostics and therapy, clinics in Germany are equipped with the most modern medical equipment in all specialized departments for each field of medicine.

Комфортная стационарная реабилитация в Германии

Intensive rehabilitation is a very important part of the healthcare system in Germany as it ensures a complete recovery. The aim of this health care measure is to restore the patient's quality of life. Therefore, the Germans have created exclusive clinics and rehabilitation outpatient clinics with comfortable living conditions and special nutritional methods.

Клиники в Германии

Clinics in Germany offer an exceptionally high standard of modern treatment. Qualified, dedicated medical personnel, innovative medicine, interdisciplinary collaboration of German doctors, specialist centers, patient-centered services, personalized care and delicate counseling for patients and their families all contribute to an unusually high level of German medicine and patient satisfaction. The interdisciplinary medical centers in Germany also offer comprehensive examination and therapy methods.

Germany is becoming an increasingly popular choice for patients seeking treatment abroad. The high quality of medical care, strict ethical standards and fast access to specialists make it an attractive place for medical care. Treatment in Germany also has an excellent value for money. Germany is not the cheapest medical destination in the world, but the cost of medical care in Germany is significantly lower than in many other industrialized countries, especially the United States. And in 40% of cases, the total cost of treatment in Germany will be lower than in Russia or Ukraine. This is achieved due to the fact that the prices for treatment in German clinics are transparent, and additional costs for stimulating medical personnel are excluded as a phenomenon.

Типы клиник в Германии — государственные,
частные, благотворительные

Within the health care system in Germany, each of the 16 German states shares responsibility with the central government for their clinics. There are three types of hospitals (Krankenhauser) in Germany:

Government clinics in Germany (Offentliche Krankenhauser) are run by local or federal government agencies. These include university hospitals in Germany (55 percent of the total number of hospitals).

Voluntary charity hospitals (Frei gemeinnutzige Krankenhauser) are run by churches or German Red Cross organizations (38 percent).

Private clinics in Germany (Privatkrankenhauser) are run by companies (7 percent). As a rule, practicing doctors with solid experience open their highly specialized private clinics.

Лучшие клиники Германии для лечения иностранных пациентов в 2020 году

The wide range of treatments available in German clinics has led to many years of experience in treating foreign patients and a well-established system leading to recovery. Below are the clinics that received the most positive reviews from international patients.
Рейтинг составлен newsweek report и focus 2020

ТОП-20 клиник в Германии

Charite University Hospital, Berlin
University Hospital Heidelberg, Heidelberg
University Clinic. Ludwig-Maximilian (LMU), Munich
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Hamburg
Hannover Medical School (MHH), Hannover
University Hospital Rechts der Isar, Munich
University Hospital Cologne, Cologne
University Hospital Freiburg, Freiburg
University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), Kiel
University Hospital Regensburg, Regensburg
Erlangen University Hospital, Erlangen
University Medical Center Georg August University, Göttingen
Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital, Dresden
University Hospital Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf
RWTH University Hospital Aachen
Julius-Maximilian University Hospital, Würzburg
University Hospital Bonn, Bonn
University Medical Center of the University. Johannes Gutenberg, Mainz
Clinic Nuremberg Nord, Nuremberg
Essen University Hospital (UKE), Essen
You can view all clinics from the top 20 in Germany and choose the best one for you

Что входит в процесс лечения иностранных пациентов в Германии

Services in German clinics for foreign patients, in addition to the treatment itself, include:

Initial consultation: by telephone, in writing or in person through the headquarters in Germany or through the UNICLINICSⓇ international office, to clarify the patient's medical symptoms / wishes.
An assessment of the patient's current medical record, if available.
If the report is not available, an appointment is made for diagnosis and / or initial examination (if desired).
The medical report is sent to the relevant specialized clinics with a request for an assessment, the proposed appointment and the cost of treatment.
Coordination of appointments with the patient and the attending physician.
Organization of travel, including booking air tickets, organizing accommodation and support, visas.
Organization of transfer in Germany: to the airport and / or to the clinic by appointment.
Qualified translation in the patient's native language, for meetings and exams.
Taking into account the cultural, religious and psychological needs of the patient.
Organization of qualified inpatient rehabilitation as needed.
Translation - (final) medical reports into the patient's native language.
Organization of follow-up care at the patient's place of residence: the German doctors who performed the treatment will answer the patient's questions at any time, so that he feels safe.

Почему пациенты выбирают лечение в Германии

Продвинутый уровень немецкой медицины ✓

Немецкая система здравоохранения является одной из самых передовых в мире. Все медицинские услуги и цены на лечение регулируются на государственном уровне: немецкие больницы должны быть утверждены определенными сертификатами:

Немецкий институт стандартизации (DIN).
Сотрудничество для обеспечения качества и прозрачности в здравоохранении (KTQ-GmBH).
Телемедицина для мобильного общества (TEMOS).

Клиники в Германии также сертифицированы ESMO (Европейское общество медицинской онкологии) и JCI (Joint Commission International). Эти сертификаты гарантируют пациентам, что все медицинские процедуры безопасны и соответствуют самым высоким стандартам качества.

Роботизированная хирургия ✓

Клиники в Германии оснащены высокоточными роботами.

Среди них робот Da Vinci, который выполняет операции через разрезы до 1 см. Он используется для хирургического лечения рака предстательной железы, мочевого пузыря, почек и даже для применения катетеров в случае диагностики сердечной аритмии. Устройства EndoAssist, LapMan, Freehand заменяют помощника хирурга. Они позволяют сократить период выздоровления пациента, снизить риск осложнений и кровопотери.

Наличие инновационных технологий ✓

В составе университетских клиник Германии работают научно-исследовательские центры. Они разрабатывают инновационные методы лечения и внедряют их в программу терапии. Например, врачи используют систему Trilogy и линейные ускорители TrueBeam STx для уничтожения злокачественных опухолей. Устройства воздействуют на опухоль, не затрагивая здоровые ткани.

Оригинальные лекарственные препараты ✓

Немецкие врачи проводят лечение в соответствии с международными протоколами. Специалисты используют только оригинальные препараты, специально изготовленные для стран-членов Европейского Союза.

ТОП специальностей для лечения в Германии

Germany is the main destination for patients with complex diseases and are willing to pay for high quality treatment and its results. Usually foreign patients are sent to Germany to treat diseases of the following specialties.

Лечение онкологии

Oncology is the main specialty for medical tourism. For the treatment of cancer in Germany, there are 43 specialized oncological centers that specialize in the treatment of more than 300 types of cancer. German doctors use targeted and immunotherapy drugs. They affect cancer cells, but not healthy ones.

The average cancer recovery rate in Germany is 82% for men and 87% for women.

Кардиология и операции на сердце

More than 120,000 successful heart surgeries are performed in clinics in Germany every year. German cardiac surgeons operate through small incisions. Doctors perform surgery through a 5 cm intercostal incision (traditional 20 cm) and replace the heart valves through a catheter using the TAVI method.


German doctors treat herniated discs, brain and spinal cord tumors with safe methods. According to statistics, only 50% of patients with hernias are prescribed surgical treatment. The success rate of this intervention is over 90%. Due to its high recovery index, neurosurgery is one of the main specialties for treatment in Germany.

Neurosurgeons use endoscopic and laser techniques to remove tumors. Some growths can be removed without incisions through natural openings such as the nose. Doctors carry out operations under the control of neuronavigation, which increases the accuracy of neurosurgeons' movements.

Ортопедия и спортивная реабилитация

The main feature of orthopedic treatment in Germany is the vast experience of doctors. More than 11,150 podiatrists and sports medicine specialists practice in now. They perform minimally invasive knee and hip replacement through small incisions up to 10 cm, in the case of traditional surgery up to 30 cm. Doctors install endoprostheses using robotic surgical systems. The systems help coordinate the movements of the surgeon and place the endoprosthesis with 100% accuracy.

As a result, the small length of the incision and the accuracy of the operation minimize the associated risks and significantly reduce the period of postoperative rehabilitation.
Сколько стоит лечиться в германии?

Цены на лечение в Германии — стоимость услуг в клиниках

Many patients do not consider treatment in Germany because they think that it is expensive. In practice, prices in German clinics for individual procedures are indeed more expensive than in Eastern Europe, but the total cost of treatment is lower. This is achieved through an integrated approach to the design of treatment programs, and the absence of constant additional charges from patients, as is the case in the CIS countries. In general, the actual cost of treatment in Germany, even taking into account the cost of air travel and accommodation of an accompanying person in a hotel, will be higher, on average, by 15-30% compared to the prices for treatment in the patient's country, while the difference in the quality of the treatment itself is incomparable ... The trend is that the more complex medical interventions are required, such as heart surgery, neurosurgery, endoprosthetics, the cheaper the treatment in Germany is.

Не нашли цену на лечение, которое вам нужно?

You can download our complete price list for treatment in Germany and you will find what you need.

Please note that the final cost is influenced by the rating and specialization of the clinic, the region, the level of training of the attending physician, the length of stay and the presence or absence of preferential price reservations from UNICLINICS Ⓡ.
Our database has a complete list of prices, which includes all 38 areas of medicine and prices for treatment of 5860 diagnoses in Germany
prices for a treatment 

Что влияет на стоимость лечения в Германии?

The diagnosis of the patient himself, the medical history, the type of intervention required - will it be surgery or drug treatment.

Length of stay in the clinic and type of room. The average cost of staying in a single room is from 96,00 Euro per a day.

The region in which the clinic is located and local laws that allow clinics to set their own prices for diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation.

 The rating of the clinic, its annual marketing costs, investments in research activities and equipment - usually prices in university hospitals are 5-25% higher, but this cost is compensated by the higher quality of treatment, especially when it comes to complex and rare diseases, in the treatment of which it is necessary to apply the latest research or ultra-modern robotic equipment.

 The professor's rating, his scientific activity and the demand as a specialist affect the cost of treatment. If you have chosen regular medical care (without the involvement of a professor and his team), the price for treatment will be 15-40% lower.

 The cost of treatment in Germany is strongly influenced by the presence of international departments in the clinic - which organize treatment for patients from abroad. If clinics outsource this activity to partners (for example UNICLINICSⓇ), the price for treatment will be significantly lower, up to 50% of the base cost.

 There are at least 15 more factors that affect the prices of treatment in Germany. These subtleties depend on each individual case and require the involvement of medical auditors to analyze the cost and all services included in the preliminary bill.

Правительство Германии регулирует цены
на лечение в клиниках

Since 2004, there has been a unified system for calculating the cost of treatment in clinics in Germany. This pricing approach is called DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups) and is based on the fact that more than 1,500 cases of treatment have been standardized and the average cost of clinics for them has been calculated.
Итоговое число будет ценой на лечение в Германии для конкретного случая.

Система DRG распространяется на все клиники страны, которые обладают государственной лицензией. В Законе о финансировании больниц (§ 17 KHG) указано однозначно — стоимость лечения должна быть одинакова для всех пациентов.
German clinics, as providers of medical services for the population in their regions in huge numbers, have long learned to optimize the costs of treating typical cases that are included in the DRG.

Thus, the cost of staying in the clinic does not depend on the amount of medical services provided, medicines, days of stay in the ward, but on the individual DRG number of the patient multiplied by the clinic's coefficient.

A unique DRG number for a patient is calculated based on individual factors of a person: diagnosis (classification according to ICD 10), necessary medical procedures - surgery, chemotherapy, etc. the patient's age; factors that complicate treatment (concomitant, chronic diseases); the cost of implants or special medications (for example, as in the case of PSMA therapy for prostate cancer, when Lu-177 is delivered to order). This DRG number is multiplied by the clinic's coefficient - a multiplier that depends on the region where the clinic is located, its rating, and other factors.
Какую сумму нужно взять с собой ?
Отвечаем на самый частый вопрос от пациентов
If you are going to Germany for treatment with UNICLINICSⓇ program, then the cost that will be calculated before starting the medical program will include absolutely all expenses — the required number of days of stay in the clinic, food, medical personnel services, necessary procedures, medicines, consumables , translation services, transfer, flight. In this case, no one will have to pay extra in the clinic.
We usually recommend that our patients have 1500-3000 thousand euros in reserve and in case they need to carry out control diagnostics or there is time for a city tour.

In the case when patients book treatment in Germany in a different way, it is imperative to have about 10,000.00 euros with them in case of complications or unforeseen expenses and to independently pay daily for all related non-clinical services.

Хотите отправим вам список цен на
лечение в Германии по e-mail ?

Просто укажите диагноз – и вы получите цены на все услуги по данному диагнозу бесплатно.
Нажимая на кнопку, вы даете согласие на обработку персональных данных и соглашаетесь c политикой конфиденциальности

ТОП лучшие врачи в Германии

Список составлен по специализациям согласно рейтингу журнала Focus 2020 и в него вошли лучшие врачи Германии из разных клиник.
Ищете другого врача?
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гайд для туристов и пациентов

Путешествия и проживание во время лечения в Германии

Flights to Germany

Germany has 30 international and regional airports. Berlin and Munich are considered the main international airports, and Cologne-Bonn International Airport is the largest European hub for low-fare airlines. There are buses and trains offering fast and convenient connections to the airports, as well as regular taxis and car rental companies upon arrival.

Domestic flights

There are regular domestic flights between major cities, mainly operated by Lufthansa and British Airways. This is especially true when a patient has been assigned a cross-clinical treatment program, for example, diagnostics in Munich, treatment in Berlin, rehabilitation in Baden-Baden.

Как добраться в немецкую клинику — на машине или на поезде

Patients are always provided with a shuttle service to the clinic directly from the airport. But for those who decide to visit Germany not only for treatment, but also to see the sights, it will be useful to know that the road and rail infrastructure in Germany is considered one of the best in Europe. Therefore, traveling around the country is a simple and enjoyable experience. German public transport is also reliable and efficient. The national rail network is operated by Deutsche Bahn and is one of the most extensive and advanced networks in Europe, using InterCity Express (ICE) ultra-fast trains. Tickets can be bought at stations in Germany.

Most major German cities have a metro and a good bus and tram system. Tickets must be purchased before boarding from automatic ticket machines, and dates must be stamped using the machines on board the vehicle or at the entrance gates of major stops. The welcome card has become very popular in major cities and gives visitors discounts or free admission to many tourist attractions and unlimited travel on local public transport. The card is valid for one to seven days and can be purchased at train stations or local tourist offices in Germany.

Taxis are readily available in all major cities and are generally cream colored Mercedes Benz vehicles. As a general pricing guideline, the average fare in Germany is at least € 1.30 per km, with prices higher than average in large cities. The minimum fee is € 2.50.

Жилье — где жить пациенту во время лечения в Германии

Hotels in Germany offer excellent value for money. The World Tourist Board has compared the average hotel prices in the world, and Germany's hotel prices are significantly lower than in other European countries. An average hotel room in Germany costs € 65 per night. Everyone who comes to Germany for treatment should expect that the average duration of inpatient treatment in German clinics is 5.8 days of stay, of which all this time the patient will be in his ward, and the accompanying person will need to calculate their budget for 5.8 days in the hotel, respectively, or rent a double room in the clinic to stay close to your patient, this is especially true for mothers traveling with children to Germany for treatment.

Отзывы пациентов о лечении в Германии

Решение иностранного пациента о лечении в Германии свидетельствует о высоких ожиданиях и о большом доверии к системе здравоохранения в Германии, специалистам и качеству медицины. Узнайте, что говорят пациенты, которые уже прошли лечение в Германии.
Генадий Борман
Лечился в Университетской клинике Эрлангена
"... At each stage of treatment in Germany, I paid great attention to all emerging issues, I was interested in how the treatment process was going, I consulted on all medical issues. Thank you very much for choosing the clinic and the doctors who performed the operation. The surgery went smoothly thanks to the team led by Prof. Matthias Beckmann. The University Hospital Erlangen employs only professionals, thank you! "
Марина Бабинова
Обследовалась в Университетской клинике Charité, Берлин
"... With the help of UCIO UNICLINICS LLP, I was enrolled in the Charite University Hospital Berlin for examination, to Professor Jens Blomer himself. Although he was a strict man, he was extremely attentive to me, asked questions about my well-being, what were the operations, about All my complaints and facts were recorded on a dictaphone. After an examination was carried out, including the mammary glands, tests and ultrasound were taken "
Ветлицкая Алена
Победила рак в Университетской клинике Эрлангена
"... Subsequently, I met with the same Rainer Fitkau, who was recommended by the doctors of uniclinics.com. I told the professor about my fears about amputation. In response, he answered me with a smile that the leg would be completely saved. afterwards to have an operation to remove the tumor. Imagine my amazement when, after the treatment, at the last PET-CT diagnosis, they said that there was no cancer and I was healthy! Indeed, it was a miracle for me! "

 Germany is the best country of quality of treatment in Europe

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany borders nine neighbors - Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark. With its many vibrant cosmopolitan cities, including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne, as well as the natural beauty of the Black Forest, the Alps, the Rhine and Danube rivers, Germany has many opportunities to ensure that your treatment is remembered not only for the ultra-modernity of German hospitals, but also for the natural and the architectural beauty of the country.
История и достопримечательности
Посещение Германии доставляет множество ярких впечатлений
Visiting Germany is a lot of exciting experiences
Germany's tumultuous history, especially in the 20th century, needs no retelling here, but after the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the extremely symbolic fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany flourished as a peaceful, united land.
After reunification in 1990, Berlin was re-established as the capital of Germany and is located in the eastern part of Germany, about 70 kilometers west of the Polish border.  Today Berlin is one of the busiest capitals in Europe, a vibrant culturally rich city and a constant source of activity with performing arts, museums, galleries and some 300 clubs, 7,000 bars and restaurants, many of which are open 24/7.
Shopping connoisseurs will be in their element on the Kurfürstendamm or Friedrichstrasse and should not miss KaDeWe, a department store on Wittenberg Platz, which is the largest store on mainland Europe.

Germany has a reputation for manufacturing excellence, with market leaders like Siemens and car manufacturers BMW and Volkswagen, but it's not a messy industrial landscape.  Cologne, for example, is not only known for its University Hospital Cologne, but is also known as the capital of the arts and is Germany's largest cathedral, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The Rheingarten city park and the old quarter are other attractions.  Bonn is located 20 km south of Cologne and was the capital of West Germany between 1949 and 1990.  Russian migrants live in Bonn, with their own special views on medicine in Germany, but nevertheless the University Hospital Bonn ranks 17th in the ranking of German hospitals according to the Newsweek Report.
Aside from bustling cosmopolitan cities, Germany has a lot more to discover, and tourists can easily explore the country's natural beauty by car or train, with the famous autobahns being the envy of Europe.  Think back to the fabulous castles in Bavaria, charming medieval towns like Hameln and Trier, and over 25 World Heritage Sites.  The climate in Germany is Northern European and temperate, but if you are traveling in winter expect a sharp drop in temperature.

International phone numbers

+44 2080891829 UK — for patients who speak English or Arabic

+7 4991134611 Russia
+38 0443532921 Ukraine
+77172696594 Kazakhstan

Head office:

UCIO UNICLINICS LLP, Registered Number OC422517,
5 Jupiter House Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Reading, Berkshire RG78NN
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Tel.: +44 2080891829

Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm
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Отправьте нам запрос и мы свяжемся с вами, чтобы записать вас на прием в эту клинику или порекомендовать подходящую из 900 клиник в 11 странах в нашей базе.
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Выписки из истории болезни, снимки, другое
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